About us

A great pair of shoes is a necessary staple for any man’s closet. CZAR fills in the void between fashionable and comfortable shoes, the main focal point being comfort and design. It is very important to understand how to de-construct a shoe. Hence after thorough research and understanding the four main parts of the shoe: toe, vamp, facing and quarter, work began on several prototypes.

Different techniques are used in CZAR shoe making. The state of the art, first of its kind in the world cork shoes (CZAR PRISMA) are a stand out for the confident man and woman. The corks are hand stitched with a vintage wooden sole. Each pair has the standard CZAR suede inner lining and gel in soles. The hand cut tassels add to the color quotient in the shoe and you can chose to wear them with or without tassels. CZAR shoe constructions include Blake construction, Good year welting, Rubber soles and Vintage wooden soles.

CZAR shoes focus mainly on comfort and we are determined to bridge the gap between price, quality, style and comfort fitting in the gap and catering to a niche audience who want to be comfortable with what they are wearing. The idea is to have a loyal customer base that want to be comfortable and fashionable along with being edgy.

Custom Shoes need to be within reach of most men hence keeping in mind that philosophy; CZAR bridges the gap between price and quality with comfort for an affordable tag.

The artisanal process of making shoes at CZAR is a journey imbedded with understanding the requirements of the modern man with inspiration from the best shoemakers around the world. CZAR classic shoes such as the hand-stitched monks are imbedded with the idea of making them the most comfortable monks a man could wear.