Shoe Story

Vamp-  CZAR hand-stitched shoes go through a long manufacturing process. The main focal point on many of the shoes is the VAMP. Often, the best of shoes have crease marks from the first time one wears them. The crease becomes a part of the shoe which looks disfigured and people with wide feet often complain of the creased vamp hurting their foot. At CZAR it all starts with understanding every aspect of making comfortable shoes and hence the double monks and loafers come with a sponged vamp on the inside. It helps in reducing the crease substantially and also provides inevitable comfort as the top of the foot is not rubbing against the vamp. 

Interior- A lot of effort goes into understanding what makes a comfortable shoe (the inside of the shoe that does not show to the world). The inner quarter of the shoe and inner lining is a big factor in comfort. The most comfortable CZAR shoes come with a quilted inner lining suede interior. As shoes are worn a few times, there is a difference in the feel when you wear them with and without socks. This is because the inside of the shoe takes a somewhat shape of the foot. The quilted suede inner lining cuts out that difference substantially. The shoes are just as comfortable to wear with or without socks as a result of the lining and helps keep the inside of the shoe true to its shape.


In-Sole- An important feature of CZAR shoes is the gelled inner sole (genuine leather) which adds to the comfort of the shoe along with protecting the heel. The entire shoe has a cushion like feel and the padding on the inside of the shoe makes it one of the best engineered shoes whether it would be for a formal or casual event.

Goodyear Welted- The Goodyear welted shoes are one of the oldest methods of shoe making, most labor intensive and almost impossible to tear apart. Customers pay for a product and expect it to be durable through all paths and hence Goodyear welting is ideal as each shoe is welted to perfection including the shoe-specific threading which is sewn through the welt and the upper and insole rib.

Patina- The patina hand brushed shoes are a stand out at CZAR. Artisan shoemakers apply more than a dozen colors to the leather in the quest to achieve the desired color. The process takes several hours. At first the colour is applied to the leather. It is then left to dry and the process begins after. The patina hand brushed shoes are the most labor-intensive shoes made at CZAR. It is a stand out shoe and almost immediately recognizable as CZAR because of its finish and construction.